I am so sorry for not posting this up lastnight. Our power went out because it was storming so I couldn’t do it. But now I can so last night after the gym I took a nice shower and I didn’t want anything heavy to eat since it was almost 9 last night so I drank some Gatorade the 45 calorie ones and Salad with scrambled eggs and this honey ham which is 70 calories a slice. On the side I had a strawberry banana yogurt which was 90 calories. simple and I didn’t want my mom cooking to much since it was so late, you will always see that I do simple stuff when I don’t have time and I need to do stuff. Oh! and btw I do 2 snacks so my last snack was a Special K blueberry bar 90 calories. So overall my intake for yesterdays calories was 1052 now that’s really not alot but I was pretty busy yesterday and when I do simple stuff I barley intake alot of calories. my BMR says I should eat around 1480 calories and lose 500 calories every day to lose a pound.

45 calorie Gatorade, I normally drink lots of water thru out the day but Gatorade once in a while is nice with a meal.

 So it looked like this but ONLY one slice of ham and with salad.  This was a quick snack.


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    • My personal Opinion I think it taste wayy better then the regular Gatorade or better then the 80 cal Gatorade. You can tell a difference in the sugar intake. its light but as a very great taste to it:) you should just get one and try it && when you do let me know if you liked it better;)

  1. That’s great you’ve figured out your Basal Metabolic Rate. When it comes to weight loss, you must be specific and very detailed, especially if you want it to stick as a lifestyle choice, not just a diet. The more specific, such as writing things down in a food journal, the more you can alter and adjust your intake and exercise routines. Yes, 1052 is low. But having a deficit is the only way you’ll lose weight. It’s a very simple formula. Calories in vs. calories out. If you move more than you eat, you’re going to lose weight. And it’s through consistent deficits each day is when you’ll see the pounds shed off. Keep up the great work! What is your goal by the way?

    • Yes, not quit the gym. As a dancer and when I was a cheerleader that was my home the gym but after I stopped and graduated Id go to the gym for a bit and then stop for some odd reason. and when I do get to 130 I want to keep eating healthy and stick sometimes to knowing the calories I am intaking it would just be a great way to know what I am putting in my body. Also a huge thing is that lets say I gain back 2 pounds and I see that then quickly change whatever wrong I was doing and lose them 2 pounds again so they won’t add up.

  2. That’s really good. It’s very eye opening to what we actually put in to our bodies. Once we really begin to keep track, it’s easy to see how things add up. Yes, sticking to such a plan and lifestyle takes a lot of dedication, but it’s so worth it! You feel so much better. My motto I live by: “I spend more on my food now, so I spend less on my health later.” I know it sounds weird, but adopting a lifestyle such as you have, is a lifetime insurance policy. If you take care of your body, it’ll last long and you’ll enjoy yourself so much more! And it takes a lot of patience because there will be hard and discouraging times, but always stay consistent. Have reward days occasionally. Reward yourself in moderation. Because without these days, we would go insane! What do you think?

    • I totally agree with you. Trust me I have already had those hard days and yeah I reward myself Once in a while. I know one time it just got so hard for me for 2 days I stopped counting and thought well this won’t hurt and ate how I use to. Then I felt bad and jumped back up to what I was doing because what I did was wrong. So now I reward myself here and their when I don’t intake to much calories that day and I know I can have something small that won’t pass my BMR. 🙂 I know all this will be hard work its just how I have to learn and get use to it.

  3. Thats great to hear! Hope to hear more from your progress and if you need any advice or help, just comment on my blog. There will always be support and aid for you there. Good luck!

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