Snack time!

So earlier today at 3:30 my snack was plain popcorn with only 100 calories in it. then I headed to the gym at 4:30. I changed up my routine a whole lot today and actually took 3 classes at the gym. A core, yoga, and abs class. They were greattt! Yoga is an alright class it’s very relaxing totally different from me. I am more of the lets go hardcore type but I like changing things up and I haven’t token classes in a long time since I always have a workout plan just in the gym with running and weight lifting and leg lifting it takes up alot of time. Most days my brother and I are their for about 3 hrs we do soo much different things and its alot that we do. Most girls don’t do weights well let me tell ya something do WEIGHTS it’s amazing how working out for 2 months starts forming your arms if your working out right and very hard. Don’t worry about thinking you’ll be buff because trust me it takes alot to do what them big guys do..on my legs I do 230 their is this arm work out that I am so proud of on a machine I finally reached to 150 of course I worked my way up to that but i really love lifting so girls yall should deff try it and show them girls can lift too;) wooo! btw i am in a hurry typing this because not to long ago I just got from the gym and I need to hit the shower and go eat my dinner yumm!:) i’ll post it up later…

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