After I had gotten my exams all done from College my boyfriend and I and his friends went to the Beach to have a relaxing time so here are some pics just to be catching yall up on the times I have not been able to post:) Enjoy!

   haha Eric was so passed out! 

We went to the Allstar Race in Charlotte.                  we had a pool dayy:) love her.  this pic was actually token this past Sunday:p I love her so much she’s my BESTIE!


Ohh! wow, it’s been awhile since I have been on this thing. I have been so busy but I am so happy to say I did pass all my courses all A’s and one C which screwed me being on the Dean’s but anyways it’s been SUMMER for me and I have been very busy hanging with my boyfriend, family and friends and trust me it’s so hard to be strict on what I eat. Honestly I haven’t been on my strict diet plan BUT I do still work out hard and run alot so I have been keeping my weight in balance; Bummer huh:( I hope I don’t disappoint anybody but I do need to start back counting my calories and stuff which I will be getting on because I have a NEW CHALLENGE ahead of me. So I will be going to Miami for July the 4th and I love Miami we go there every year but this time I want it to be different and I do want to lose these 10 pounds before I go and I have a Month. Now I know I have been slacking off and just keeping my weight in balance but I will close up my mouth. Yall it’s just really hard when I see all my friends eating and they always want to go out and stuff ugh! I guess it’s the will power I will have to have. Another thing on benching I have been doing extremely great I am now at 100 my goal is 115 in benching and I just keep getting closer and closer; working out is something I do keep on my schedule from Monday-Friday I always make alot of time for it even if I have plans and am busy busy busy. I will try to be posting again. plus pictures will be coming up so woohoo!