After I had gotten my exams all done from College my boyfriend and I and his friends went to the Beach to have a relaxing time so here are some pics just to be catching yall up on the times I have not been able to post:) Enjoy!

   haha Eric was so passed out! 

We went to the Allstar Race in Charlotte.                  we had a pool dayy:) love her.  this pic was actually token this past Sunday:p I love her so much she’s my BESTIE!


Ohh! wow, it’s been awhile since I have been on this thing. I have been so busy but I am so happy to say I did pass all my courses all A’s and one C which screwed me being on the Dean’s but anyways it’s been SUMMER for me and I have been very busy hanging with my boyfriend, family and friends and trust me it’s so hard to be strict on what I eat. Honestly I haven’t been on my strict diet plan BUT I do still work out hard and run alot so I have been keeping my weight in balance; Bummer huh:( I hope I don’t disappoint anybody but I do need to start back counting my calories and stuff which I will be getting on because I have a NEW CHALLENGE ahead of me. So I will be going to Miami for July the 4th and I love Miami we go there every year but this time I want it to be different and I do want to lose these 10 pounds before I go and I have a Month. Now I know I have been slacking off and just keeping my weight in balance but I will close up my mouth. Yall it’s just really hard when I see all my friends eating and they always want to go out and stuff ugh! I guess it’s the will power I will have to have. Another thing on benching I have been doing extremely great I am now at 100 my goal is 115 in benching and I just keep getting closer and closer; working out is something I do keep on my schedule from Monday-Friday I always make alot of time for it even if I have plans and am busy busy busy. I will try to be posting again. plus pictures will be coming up so woohoo!


Tomorrow I have a Geology class at 11-12:15 then I have the Lab for that class which I get a break and have to be back in class at 1-3 for the lab. UGH boring huh! well I got this other great idea on google for a simple quick lunch I can eat for the little time of break I have before getting back to class at 1. Which it’s better to look up healthy ideas on Google then going out to get some quick FAST FOOD that we all love:) but is so unhealthy for us.  so much better huh? yes, Google can help me out alot when I am busy busy and can not eat something that is not simple. Btw my trainer said Watermelon is really good for my hydration makes it go higher yay:). And after 3 I go home and I wont be home long because then I have another class at 5:30 ends at 7 and I will not be able to go to the GYM tomorrow:( since it’s one of my mom’s friends Birthday tomorrow. And to be honest with yall yes I will eat a very Small size of cake but that is all no ice cream or anymore junk good. Anyways I need a break on my arms they were very sore today when I was working them out oh! and GREAT news as well I can finally do a right push up touching my chin on the floor. I was SHOCKED hello I could never do that I didn’t have the body strength for it. It’s amazing what weights do for you but like my trainer said you got to let them muscles  breath don’t stress them out.  I am doing this tonight because I know tomorrow will be soooo BUSY! well I hope everyone has a good day tomorrow<3

So happy!

Today at the Y I checked myself again on the Personal Body Composition Analysis since the program ended and I am thrilled to say I changed all of the body fat, Lean mass and Hydration index from 2 months ago when I took it:)…I thought I would only change liked 2 but nope not at all! I am very content. Again I have been very busy with school since its the last month basically everything is busy busy but I am doing fine. I love getting comments on how I seem like I am toning up and realizing that all this hard work and dedication is FINALLY paying of because I know I am ready to change:). woooo!

So Sorry:(

I have not been on in like 3 days but I have been so darn BUSY! I had left so much hw from school and just being here and there doing things made me have no time to get on and post things. I realized that it’s to much to post everything I eat everytime because I know somedays I will not be able to have time to post them. I WILL certainly post up important things and maybe some simple and good meals on here when I am able to do them:). So if yall were thinking I was going to stop posting not at all. I love blogging yall are very helpful so thank yall for that. This morning I will eat some Special K cereal, then I have to  finish up my essay that I have been working on at school. I’ll try to post some stuff later on<3

 I’ve also been busy catching up with some of my girls since I barley get to see them because of College:) just a little something to brighten up this post!

Got the idea from the website

So for Lunch I am running a little behind on it because I had to do some stuff with my mom and now I am starving. I normally look up ideas online so I can change up what I eat and not eat the same thing every day. Today for lunch I will be having a Turkey sandwich, the bread is whole wheat 80 calories each so thats 160 already in the bread. the Turkey ham my mom bought is 45 calories. I put light miracle whip 1 tbsp. and some mustard:)  sprinkled with low fat mozzarella. with some salad on the side and blueberries. dressing reminder is 130 and the blueberries around 82.6. This website gave me the idea I sorta twitted it a bit but that’s what I will be having in a bit:) because I am starvinggg!

So I am changing it up a bit!

I have not ate my breakfast yet but I need to keep up on this blog and my food is not done yet. But anyways. This morning as I am typing I will be eating an Omelet, they are high in protein, low in carbs, high in veggies. You can remove the yolk if you don’t believe dietary cholesterol doesn’t influence blood cholesterol. But realize you’re throwing away all the vitamins and half the protein. Now I do not use regular eggs I do the saturated eggs. so it’s whatever anyone would want to eat. You can put any of these for your Omelet.

Veggies. Baby spinach, mixed peppers, broccoli, Brussels sprouts.

Meats. Ground round, minced beef, chicken ground/slices, tuna.

Cheese. Feta cheese, grated cheese like Pecorino or Parmesan

Spices. Cumin, black pepper, cayenne pepper, sea salt.

 That looks good. So I will be eating something like this with 2% Milk on the side;) The Omelet has around 168 calories. && the Milk has 130 calories.


I am so sorry for not posting this up lastnight. Our power went out because it was storming so I couldn’t do it. But now I can so last night after the gym I took a nice shower and I didn’t want anything heavy to eat since it was almost 9 last night so I drank some Gatorade the 45 calorie ones and Salad with scrambled eggs and this honey ham which is 70 calories a slice. On the side I had a strawberry banana yogurt which was 90 calories. simple and I didn’t want my mom cooking to much since it was so late, you will always see that I do simple stuff when I don’t have time and I need to do stuff. Oh! and btw I do 2 snacks so my last snack was a Special K blueberry bar 90 calories. So overall my intake for yesterdays calories was 1052 now that’s really not alot but I was pretty busy yesterday and when I do simple stuff I barley intake alot of calories. my BMR says I should eat around 1480 calories and lose 500 calories every day to lose a pound.

45 calorie Gatorade, I normally drink lots of water thru out the day but Gatorade once in a while is nice with a meal.

 So it looked like this but ONLY one slice of ham and with salad.  This was a quick snack.


Snack time!

So earlier today at 3:30 my snack was plain popcorn with only 100 calories in it. then I headed to the gym at 4:30. I changed up my routine a whole lot today and actually took 3 classes at the gym. A core, yoga, and abs class. They were greattt! Yoga is an alright class it’s very relaxing totally different from me. I am more of the lets go hardcore type but I like changing things up and I haven’t token classes in a long time since I always have a workout plan just in the gym with running and weight lifting and leg lifting it takes up alot of time. Most days my brother and I are their for about 3 hrs we do soo much different things and its alot that we do. Most girls don’t do weights well let me tell ya something do WEIGHTS it’s amazing how working out for 2 months starts forming your arms if your working out right and very hard. Don’t worry about thinking you’ll be buff because trust me it takes alot to do what them big guys do..on my legs I do 230 their is this arm work out that I am so proud of on a machine I finally reached to 150 of course I worked my way up to that but i really love lifting so girls yall should deff try it and show them girls can lift too;) wooo! btw i am in a hurry typing this because not to long ago I just got from the gym and I need to hit the shower and go eat my dinner yumm!:) i’ll post it up later…